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CJN Miniatures was started when our daughter started making dollhouses and dollhouse items from Popsicle sticks, It was amazing to watch her progression from barely putting them together to making dressers with drawers that opened. She is so creative - even taking grass and weaving it to make rugs. Then we found a dollhouse store in Kirkland and her love for miniatures grew by leaps and bounds.

We found two local dollhouse stores and both the owners were so knowledgeable and shared their wealth of information. I still love learning from customers and if you know miniatures at all I urge you to share your knowledge with me.

Dad had to start getting involved with cutting wood, installing, and seeing what was changed in the dollhouses each day. He even went out and purchased certain tools to make grooves so building dollhouses would be easier. Plus he needed them to help make the wood storage shelves for the store.

Mom had to start helping with ideas, putting things together, seeing changes, and searching for new items and things. I remember being asked to go pull grass and weave it together to make rugs and quilts. Making things for the dollhouse grew from there and obtaining new knowledge. We now work together making not just the dollhouses and furnishing, but also everything you might need from canned food to pictures. There is a great learning curve and I have to say I am definitely still learning!!

This brought our family together with a project we all enjoyed. So CJN Miniatures representing all of us (Connie, Jeff & Natalie) was started. We are proud to be your pacific northwest dollhouse miniature store featuring one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted, and unique items from artisans, wholesalers, and consignees worldwide.

What started as a hobby has taken over our house and we can’t wait to share our world with you!! Are goal is to make you love miniatures as much as we do and bring excitement, enjoyment, and creativity into a world of imagination.

We like to send Birthday gifts!

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