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About Us

Some of the many artisan dolls Natalie has collected.

CJN Miniatures

CJN Miniatures is a family business. It stands for Connie, Jeff, Natalie. I (Connie) am the proprietor, Jeff is my husband, and Natalie is our daughter. 

Natalie started building houses out of Popsicle sticks around 2003 and pulled me in by having me pull grass and weave blankets, rugs, and baskets. This grew into crocheting blankets, clothing, and making furniture. Jeff got recruited to started cutting wood - and thus it became a family project.

The very first house we made. It was created by the great Noel Thomas and was my pride and joy.

Why open a store?

When you purchase miniatures on the internet you never know what they will look like, the size they will be, or if you will actually like them. By having a brick & mortar store you get to see them in person - you get to touch and feel them.

But I wasn't sure about having a store even after selling at our local miniature show. It wasn't until I had several deaths happen in a row as a nurse that I decided I needed a happy place. A place where I could make others happy, have fun, and still make a living.

The fountain on the front of our flagship house built by artisan Jim larson

A place to call home

As a shop owner my goal is to offer something for everyone. From the exclusive, artisan, and more expensive items - to those less expensive and sturdy. We want to make every customers experience great and make new friends to share ideas with, a cup of coffee, classes, and learn from each and every one.

At our new store location we have a room just for hosting classes, club meetings, and even just a place to spend an afternoon. You are welcome at any time to stop by, spend a while with us, and share your love of miniatures, dolls, antiques and collectibles.