The Basics of LED Lighting, Soldering & Lamp making.


instructor: Luci Hanson




All the basic items needed to light up your miniatures and your work area including a CD to refer to for years to come.

12 Volt AC Power Supply

9 Volt System

3 Volt system


Lamp Kit

Ribbon Lighting



Extra Supplies




Learn how to make a lamp for battery power or transformers,




Learn how to make soldered connections with hands-on experience




Learn how to light up a craft and work area




Learn how to test LED connections




Make your own testing unit for testing lights.




Learn the proper use of electrical accessories.




This class is easy, fun and very informative. One you will use for years.


Instructor is -  Luci Hansen




Click here to download to the word Document




Don’t miss this opportunity to master the new LED lighting!!!







Fred's Dahlia making class

Saturday - May 13th 11am-3pm $80 instructor: Jeannie lindquist

This dahlia is a miniature reproduction 1:12 scale of one that was grown by the father of Connie Bigelow, CJN Miniatures. Flower petals are hand painted. Leaves are hand painted and printed. All Dahlia parts are laser cut to get very detailed flower and leaf edges and attached to the backing paper with small tabs. Students will learn shaping techniques and special tips in assembling to realistically reproduce this dahlia in miniature. All supplies for making the dahlia, planting bed (dirt) and plastic display case are included.

Students bring:

Lunch - Please bring with you as we will most likely need all the time planned.

Your mini-making tools including small pliers, medium and small scissors, small round paint brush,#0, small embossing tools, tweezers, ruler, cutting mat or heavy, dense pressed cardboard, T-pin or push pin, Magic tape, glue such as Aleene's Turbo Tacky, mechanical pencil, note paper, clear flat plastic (top of clear plastic food container)

Good Magnifier with good light is highly recommended.

Instructor is a long time NAME member and IGMA artisan -

Jeannie Lindquist




Come join Angelika to learn the tricks and tips listed below. You will learn how to make minis look aged, or look like they have years of paint on them. Learn how to make a peeling paint, cracked paint and a salt wash look. How to paint faux zinc and copper, how to make faux leather and how to transfer images or vintage French decals on to different surfaces like wood or fabric. Angelika will show you how to make decals and create easy stained glass windows. All techniques will be exercised on sample pieces. You will go home with a booklet of instructions and samples you made. There will be one real project you will make and can use in your dollhouse.

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